• Calisma Kosullari

    Booking and Reservation


    Unless stated otherwise, reservations are valid until one week before the reservation date. The list of locations and dates cannot be guaranteed after this date. In the case of a booking request for the reserved units, the reservation owner has the priority. Yet, if the reservation owner does not reply to the information provided within 12 hours, the reservation drops.

    The advertisement material should be sent to the sector officer in JPEG format at the latest 3 days before the installation date and until 17:00. Advertisers are expected to contact the sales team and obtain information about the printing features of the posters. For special applications, content must be approved by Advertcity.

    In the case of a demand for a special form of installation, the advertiser/agency must inform the sales team in writing, with visual details, until the specified poster deadlines.

    Final Booking

    "Final Booking" is deemed to have been made after the reserved product and budget are approved by the advertiser/agency in writing and/or electronic mail.

    The printing, proofing, installation and photographing processes of your posters printed with the most suitable printing materials for outdoor advertising belong to Advertcity.

    Data / Print Information

    Img Data Baski En
    • While preparing data, in addition to the visible area, 10 cm margin should be left on all sides.
    • Datas must be prepared in sizes either 1:1 (minimum 30 dpi) or 10/1 (minimum 72 dpi).
    • Margins must be blank, without any writing or content. Only the background can run on margins.
    • All the data should be prepared in the appropriate sizes and sent via Wetransfer or ftp as a link.

    Installation and Photographing

    Data Delivery Process: The data prepared in high resolution should be sent at the latest 2 days before the installation day. After each data is approved, printing will be carried out by Advertcity.

    In the case of a delayed data delivery, the possible occurrence of day loss is in the responsibility of the customer.

    Photographing Process: Each campaign installation are photographed and shared with the agency/client as a report within 5 days.

    Booking Cancellation

    For all units, final booking cancellation can be made up to 15 working days before the installation day. In the case of cancellation;

    • within 14-10 working days before the installation day 25% of the finalized budget,
    • within 9-5 working days before the installation day 50% of the finalized budget,
    • within 4-1 working days before the installation day 75% of the finalized budget
    • within the last working day before the installation day 100% of the finalized budget is invoiced.

    The advertiser/agency irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes to pay the above-mentioned fees as penal clause in these cases.