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    About Us

    Established by a capable team with extensive experience in outdoor advertising, Advertcity is a young company focused on a dynamic and innovative approach.

    Located in Istanbul, the very heart of Turkey, Advertcity brings a new and long awaited light to this business with its innovative advertising units located in places like educational institutions, health centers, offices, shopping centers and city attractions where the foot and vehicle traffic is intense. Advertcity’s advertising units that enrich the city aims to bring advertisers together with their prospective customers with a dynamic network discipline and creative practices.

    Having 228 advertising units with overpass banners located at various points of the city and giantboards in Ispark areas, Advertcity enables you to effectively reach Istanbulites traveling at a speed of 0.1 km per minute in the 9th densest city traffic in the world*. Advertcity allows you to keep up with the beat of the city with its giantboards positioned parallel to the road and overpass advertising units that can never be blocked and that stays in the field of vision of thousands of people for long periods of time.

    Collaboration with Advertcity that brought a brand new excitement to the outdoor medium means that your message reaches the right audiences in the right locations in the most creative way. Advertcity family will be happy to assist you in this unique and privileged working environment.

    *Source: Drive Time, Global Traffic Survey 2019