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    Overpass Banners

    As the most effective and eye-catching advertising unit in outdoor advertising, overpass banners are hired to the advertisers with a dynamic network discipline. The products are evaluated and categorized with an analytical methodology in which the following parameters are taken into account.

    Ust Gecitler Detay

    Road Data

    Roads ranging from 1 to 5 in terms of importance, and the vehicle data statistics on these roads have been taken into consideration and used in the valuation. 

    Resident Population

    Demographic characteristics and income rate of the population in the interaction area of ​​the overpass banners have been taken into account and used in the valuation.

    Foot Traffic

    Areas with heavy foot traffic directly increases the frequency of views of the advertising units; thus, here, the means of public transportation and their positioning have been taken into consideration.

    City Attractions

    The distribution and the locations of the shopping centers, private hospitals, state hospitals and also private and state educational institutions in Istanbul have been taken into account during the evaluation process.

    To receive high engagement with the right audience in the right locations, choose the network system that best works for you and capture the city by its heart.



    01 Diamond Plus


    02 Diamond


    03 Sapphire




    • Overpass Banners

      160 Overpass Banners Advertising Units

      Enjoy the privilege of direct, unobstructed visibility of the largest advertising units.

    • Overpass Banners

      Not combined or juxtaposed; a solid advertising medium with the largest exposure possible.

    • Overpass Banners

      Forget the traditional ways; create the biggest impact with new age applications.