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    With units positioned in front of the ISPARK parking lots located in the most central pinpoints of the city, the advertiser reaches its prospective customers in both traditional and creative applications, meanwhile establishing a permanent campaign message.

    Giantboard Detay

    The 10-day period of each installation makes it possible for campaign messages to reach their target audience.

    The positioning of the products in small groups and/or individually ensures that they attract more attention.

    To receive high engagement with the right audience in the right locations, choose the network system that best works for you and capture the city by its heart.

    02 Diamond


    03 Sapphire




    • Giantboard

      68 Advertising Units

      In the most central points where ISPARK parking lots are located.

    • Giantboard

      Reach drivers and pedestrians at the same time with giantboards placed independently with sufficient space for a better visual.

    • Giantboard

      The most efficient visibility

      Create massive awareness with giant units in the main arteries through effective network planning with high quality feedback.